Marjorie Kanter

Author of short literary pieces,
word installations, interactive projects and workshop leader-trainer.

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First edition 2004, €15
Ediciones La Espiral Escrita

Read a selection from
"I displace the air as I walk"

> Cafe Sitting
> (The) Magic Wand
> Measuring Cups
> Thirsty
> The Telegram

> morocco eyes




© 2002 M.Kanter

The Saddle Stitch Notebooks, a project of working pieces by Marjorie Kanter, was begun in March 2006. There are currently eight small booklets in the collection with eleven literary pieces in each volume. Each number focuses in some way on a theme: relationships, appearances, mishaps, juxtapositions, identities, codes, ingredients, and traces.

You can purchase the collection of 8 from
La Espiral Escrita for €12, individual copies €5

Video clips
> Arroz
> Supraficciones

> Kosmópolis 06
> On this particular day
(Writing process)
> The Bagged Stories
> Emprendedor
> Cuatro Españoles en Asilah

The Bagged Stories.
This poetry art project consists of plastic baggies containing a text-story-poem by Marjorie Kanter printed on a card + an object that goes with the story.
> See the project in Flickr
> Bagged Stories.
You can purchase the collection of 8 from
La Espiral Escrita from €10 up.

Read in The Barcelona Review.
The Skirt / La Falda

Documentation and Reviews:

[In the Making]
Marjorie Kanter, a film by Delgado Guitart and Echevarria, May 2006.

> Broadsheet, May 2004.
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> In Madrid, June 2004. (pdf) (jpg)
> InMadrid: a best book of 2004

Detailed Bio.
Brief Bio.

Curriculum Español.

Palabras de Arena
Courting the Bull
Cuaderno de Poesía
The Barcelona Review.
ICPS Tangier

Bagged Stories


Fun with Words + Silences

A Creativity / Writing Workshop

The Introductory Workshop
This three hour workshop is process oriented and interactive. Designed for the beginner just curioseando to the experienced writer. We will focus on opening up the mind and getting your flow going. Turn the world upside down and inside out. Observe, gather, brainstorm, imbed & disimbed. Hear and see different points of view. Enter themes through multiple doors. No prior experience or expertise needed.
Extended workshops
Specifically designed for the particular group based on needs and interests. For children, teachers and adults in general.
Options: Individual introductory session and longer term
intensive, weekly or monthly sessions.
Materials: Please bring along paper or a notebook and several writing elements (pencil or pen).

Storywalk(ing): A Walking Tour of El Barrio de Las Letras

Writer Marjorie Kanter will take you on a fun with words, illustrated walk through the streets around Plaza Santa Ana in downtown Madrid, the neighborhood where she lives and works.  Along the way, we will stop for Marjorie to read some of her literary pieces at the specific points where they first occurred.  These short literary pieces are about her daily life experiences and observations.

Dates: Available weekly.
Cost: . 15 euros . Food and drink not included. Minimum 5. Special group rates.

Walk lasts about one hour and a half.  Meet up will be at the Cerveceria Alemana and the end point will be Retiro Park. (This can be modified based on time and walking choices.

A great gift for visiting family and friends -- gives them a writers personal view of life in the city.

"Marjorie Kanter´s work is fresh, ironic, and impregnated with a subtle humor and sensitivity. Her free style of writing captures events and personal experiences of real life in different cultural and geographical environments. She plays with words, grammar, mixes languages, and uses other techniques to give the right tone to her short literary pieces. Reading this book is a unique experience."
"I write because of my need for dialogue, for interaction with myself and with others, to take distance, to gain perspective and to understand different points of view. I can always learn something new, make a variation, expand or condense, take away or add."

Purchase: I Displace the air as I walk from the publisher La Espiral Escrita, Booksurge and Amazon, in Madrid at Pasajes, c/Génova 3 and in Paris at Shakespeare&Co, 37 rue de la Bucherie.